60 tecken på att du lider av wanderlust

Jag hittade lite påståenden från olika engelska sidor och satte ihop dem här.
I princip 99% av punkterna passar in på mig.

Hur många passar in på dig?


Wanderlust, like many diseases, comes with its own symptoms and side effects. Like a plague, it comes down on some with a vengeance and may never be cured. It can leave those stricken with lifelong symptoms and years of money and time spent trying to diagnose the incurable disease. It leaves children and adults impaired, unable to function properly through their daily routines many of us take for granted. Because, like any sickness, its side effects can be damaging.

The wanderer cannot help his or her sickness any more than someone with the common cold. It’s a bug that takes over and flushes itself through the system, yet this one refuses to leave after a few days of Emergen-C and hot water with lemon. It’s damaging to the brain, the body and the mind; it takes hod and refuses to let go. It’s a disease inflicted by ourselves on ourselves, and there’s really nothing we can do about it, but hope to pacify the side effects.

We must learn to live with them, the way one learns to live with pain. It’s a constant ache that becomes part of our existence, like a bum leg. So for all of you trying to diagnose those aches and pains, here are the signs it’s probably just wanderlust.


1. You think about traveling all the time

2. You also talk about it all the time

3. Instead of going out of buying a lot of new clothes you rather invest that money in a new trip

4. You’re always checking out flights hoping to find a super good deal

5. Your house is filled with maps, travel books and souvenirs

6. You learn new languages constantly, or atleast some common phrases

7. You don’t care about the newest iPhone, you much rather buy an airfare from the same amount of money

8. Your favorite books are travel related

9. Your next trip is already planned before you’re home from your current trip

10. You enjoy your daily life but still you’re always missing something

11. You struggle getting out coins because it’s mixed with other currencies

12. Having the urge of being on the road all the time

13. You’ve memorized the in-flight safety instructions by heart, sometimes even the songs

14. You’re totally okay with long layovers

15. When you buy new clothes you always keep in mind if you could bring it with you on your next trip

16. The weather app on your phone has about a dozen programmed locations

17. Your desktop background is a constantly rotating series of earthporn

18. You Instagram, Pinterest, and Google photos and destinations and can recognize most destinations because you’ve seen so many pictures of the place online and have been there

19. Your travel-wishlist has become insanely long and you don’t know where to start

20. Your computer bookmark list is full of other travelers blogs that you follow religiously (not to mention the blog you keep when you’re on the road)

21. Your desire to travel is not about going to different destinations, it is about the journey along the way

22. Learning through firsthand experience is what you live for

23. While most people collect shoes or designer purses, you stay thirsty for passport stamps

24. Geography has always been your forte

25. You get bored when you are in one place for too long

26. Others read CNN in the morning, while others tune in to ESPN. You go straight to your favorite booking site to check if there’s any flight promos

27. You obsessively go through previous trip photo’s and you can’t stop daydreaming and feel so nostalgic

28. You and have turned your travel photos into photo books, scrapbooks, and wall hangings

29. You are immune to jet lag

30. You have learned how to discover hidden gems in any given location

31. You look forward to your honeymoon more than your wedding day

32. You subscribe to a whole host of travel emails that don’t help your wanderlust much

33. You have a trip countdown app on your phone. Or well, three

34. You love being in places that are unfamiliar to you

35. You hear about a new country and immediately Google it and see where it is and come up with reasons why you need to travel there next

36. Three words: travel accessories sale

37. You are always planning new trips

38. Conversations will end up going about traveling

39. Your preferred super power would definitely be flight or teleportation because it would make traveling a cinch

40. You agree that one of the most depressing things in the world is unpacking from a trip

41. You can’t get no satisfaction. The more places you see, the bigger the wanderlust grows

42. It is your lifetime goal to say that you have been everywhere and seen everything

43. You don’t believe in failure. If something doesn’t work out the way you plan, it’s just the universe telling you to try another path

44. Maps turn you on

45. Many of  your playlists are named after places you’ve visited or lived

46. And you seem to fall in love with every place you've been

47.  You are constantly anxious that you do not have enough time to complete your “want to visit” list

48. You have seriously considered living in another country

49. You love your passport

50. You're always comparing how expensive something is to whether the money could be used to buy a plane ticket

51. You know a bunch of useful phrases in about 10 different languages

52.  Your phone is full of travel apps

53. Meeting other travellers is one of the most exciting things ever

54. Your family are the only reason you'd ever come back...

55. You know your travel routine like the back of your hand

56. You've marked every place you've been/want to go on a map

57. You have a hunch about how much it costs to fly anywhere at any given time

58. You've dreamed about going to the airport, jumping on the next departing plane and throwing your passport away the minute you arrive

59. You´ve signed up to several airlines newsletters and don´t regard it as spam

60. And of course, you read this list and fit right into each sign